Music Recommendations, Nov 2016

Is it too early for Christmas music? I have to say, it never seems like much of a fairytale in Argos to me, when I hear ‘The Pogues’ start ringing out whilst I’m perusing one of their in store catalogues in early November.

We’re looking forward to the Christmas season however at City Church and planning is already underway for our big carol services in early December. Whatever you think about listening to Christmas music in November, it’s never a bad thing to find some space in our busy lives to pause and reflect on what life, never mind Christmas is all about and for me new songs often help me to do that.

So in that vein, I’ve come across 5 new albums in the last couple of months which I’d like to recommend taking a listen to. There’s one Christmas album in there, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide when you open that little present.

Most of these albums are on Spotify and I’ve just highlighted a new song from each album below which you can find on YouTube.

Chris Tomlin – ‘He Lives’ from the album ‘Never lose sight’

Ben Cantelon – ‘Simple Pursuit’ from the album ‘The Ascent’

Matt Redman – His Name Shall be from the album ‘These Christmas Lights’

Bryan and Katie Torwalt – ‘Mountain’ from the album ‘Champion’

Paul Baloche – ‘To the cross I come’ from the album ‘Mercy’